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Sustainable Swimwear

Our fabric is made from regenerated ocean plastics, so we're using fewer resources and reducing waste. We manufacture ethically, ensuring fair treatment and wages for the humans who make our suits.

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    100% Vegan Recycled Materials

    High Waist . Low Waste .

    We take pride in creating a positive impact through our products. We use eco-friendly materials, such as recycled fabrics and organic fibers, to minimize resource usage and waste. Additionally, our manufacturing process is conducted ethically to ensure fair treatment and wages for our workers.

    From our customers


    It was my first time ordering and the size guide and the information around the fitting were clear, helpful, and in the end, everything fits perfectly!

    Suzanne T.
    Los Angeles, CA

    I am impressed by the quality of the products I bought. It all came in very little packaging materials, all recycled and recyclable, which is truly coherent with what they sell us as their values. I will order again for sure!

    May R.
    Miami, FL

    Amazingly fast shipping from Miami, Florida. Since I live in Florida I got it in 1 day! Will be buying more!

    Patty Y.
    Orlando, FL

    This company exceeded my expectations with their efficiency in refunding a return I had, shipping times to and from overall, and excellent communication from customer service.

    Anna S.
    New York, NY

    By far my new favorite ethical clothing company now. Will be buying again for sure!

    Ethel R.
    Chicago, IL