Doing Better Every Day

We believe social responsibility, environmental integrity and economic performance are key metrics of success—in that order.

Our Certifications

Fashion is a story.

For far too long that story has been about hiding human and environmental abuses within the supply chain, and not reporting information brands don’t want consumers to see.

Love Below Water believes we can use the storytelling power of fashion to create value grounded in reality: sustainable sourcing, transparent manufacturing, fair wages and ethical labor, nearshore supply chains and real support of communities in the countries of origin. We are dedicated to people, planet, reduced waste, and our future.


  • We treat all humans within our supply chain with dignity. This means inclusivity, diversity, and tolerance. Sadly, slavery and human rights abuses are abundant in the apparel industry. Our manufacturing is certified to be safe, fair, and free of slavery by independent global organizations. 
  • We're committed to gender equality, Over half of our factory employees are women, and it’s predominately women who are promoted to management positions in our facilities. 
  • All factory employees are offered 100% scholarships for further education, no questions asked.
  • We pledge to give 5% of our revenue right back to the people who make our suits and their local environment.

Reduced Waste

  • Major apparel brands dispose of over over 30% of what they make every year.
  • 11 million tons of textiles are thrown away each year in the US alone.
  • Because our factory is near our major markets, we’re able to manufacture controlled runs—that means we don’t make more at a time than we think we can sell. We recycle and reuse waste material onsite—those little fabric fragments really add up! 
  • We’re working now on an effective recycling program for when your Love Below Water suit has reached the end of its lifecycle (this should take quite a while unless you’re an Olympic swimmer!)


  • The apparel industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water. By using nearshore production, we cut the ocean journey of typical apparel by over 90%.
  • Our factory is recycling wastewater in 2024, and moving to 95% solar power to reduce dependance on fossil fuels this year.
  • Though nylon is still one of the best fabrics for swimwear, we’re researching new materials every day,  
  • Virgin plastics are made with fossil fuels. By using high-quality 80% recycled nylon we reduce the amount of virgin plastics put into the world.


  • Most sustainable brands won’t tell you this, but as of now there is no such thing as a carbon-negative apparel supply chain. Anyone who tells you they’re 100% sustainable is probably not telling you the whole story.
  • The truth of responsible fashion is that it’s a new industry, and the predominant brands are still doing things the old way.
  • Love Below Water is committed to doing the best we can today, and constantly pushing the limits of what we can do to transform our global methods of production and consumption before we no longer have a planet we can comfortably inhabit. 
  • Responsible fashion is not an overnight process—thats why we’re focussed on doing better every day.